How to Save on School Supplies

The first semester of the year is ending and the dreaded exams and papers are approaching. Whether you have to take one or five, final exams and papers are always stressful and exhausting. By the end of the semester, all you can dream of is finishing your classes and not worrying about anything other than how much sleep you’ll get once you’re home free.

Unfortunately money is always a worry while enrolled in academia. Study supplies are constantly in demand and the last thing you want is to be unprepared for your exam week(s). Make sure you stock up on your necessities early on so it’s one less thing to worry about. Head to Office Depot to snag some multicolored highlighters and pens to mockup your semester’s notes.

Staples is another fantastic resource, especially for your organizational needs. Binders, notebooks, and folders are provided in a multitude of colors so you can sort your notes as needed. While you’re here, might as well prepare for your upcoming semester and color code your classes ahead of time! If you’re feeling too overwhelmed or don’t have the time to hit the department stores in person, try ordering online. If you sign up for Staples email, you can get $10 off your first purchase! How can’t you love that?

If you’re really in crunch, try signing up for Amazon Prime. They offer a student package for only $49 a year, including free two day prime shipping on many of their products and access to their online movie and television show archive. You can order your school supplies from the comfort of your dorm and they’ll arrive within two days! But don’t let that sweet deal encourage you to procrastinate – be proactive!

Before you know it the exam season will be over and you’ll be home for an amazing winter break. As long as you prepare accordingly you’ll be more than set.