3 Tips on Finding a Last Minute Internship

Of all the things a student can do during the summer taking up an internship is perhaps the most useful in the long term. Internship offers students something all employers expect them to have – work experience. It might not be a job to offer students a wage, and it might not be as exciting as hiking in Europe or as lucrative as table games at Euro Palace, but it has its benefits for the future.

If you have decided to take up a job as an intern, but have no idea how to start, these five tips might give you a hint on that.

1. Don’t take the first offer

There are many employers who consider interns nothing more than cheap workforce. Even if you are a last minute seeker, don’t jump on the first offer – make sure to ask around first. Seek out people who have had an internship at the company you have your eyes on, and try to find out what the employer’s attitude toward interns is, and to see if their experience at the company was a positive one. There is no use to get an internship at a law firm if all you have to do is brew coffee and hand out mail, is it?

2. Give your resume a quick makeover

The resume you forward to your potential employer is your business card, the way you introduce yourself. It is also the document on which HR departments decide whether to interview you or not. So, it is important for your resume to be as perfect as it can before you send it out to potential employers.

Career counselors at your college can provide you with loads of useful information on how to redact your resume – both when it comes to form or content. On top of that you can always turn to your best friend – the internet – to find more information on how to set up a killer resume. Just make sure you don’t make it too good to be true.

3. Master the art of interviews

Most employers don’t make the final decision of hiring you or not based on your skills, but rather on personality traits. Use every resource you have at hand to prepare for an interview: search the ‘net for advice, ask your friends and family about their experience, and even set up mock interviews with friends or your college career counselor – these could do the trick.

+1 – Start searching in due time

Finding a last minute internship for the summer is far from being easy, and it can be quite stressful. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you start searching in due time. You might find a great internship if you start searching in late spring, but the sooner you start, the more options you will have to explore.