Is A Career In The Army A Good Idea If You’re A Woman?

Decades ago the army would be a place where women would seldom be seen signing up for duty. The few that did join and make the grade were often assigned mediocre tasks, usually within army bases in the country.


Nowadays, there is a great emphasis on females to join the army and make it more appealing to be a part of the military. Since 2013, it is now possible for women to sign up and get sent off to war zones on active duty.


According to the DoD, women have played a role in the army since 1775. Although their duties would usually involve tending to the sick and injured, or washing uniforms and such. The good news is that those days are long gone. Women are now on an equal footing with men.

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Image Credit: Israel Defense Force (Wikimedia Commons)


These days, there are over 33,000 roles in the army that were previously unavailable to women. So, if you’re female and want a change of career, is the army an ideal place to work? For many women, the answer is “yes.” Here’s why:


There are plenty of new skills you can learn


The thing about a military career is that you gain knowledge of all kinds of skills. What some people might not realize is that those skills are transferable to civilian jobs if you decide to leave the army.


On first glance, you might think that joining the army is only about going into combat. But, did you know that there are scores of areas you can specialize in? Examples include:


  • Telecommunication;
  • Building;
  • Finance; and
  • Healthcare.

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Image Credit: soldiersmediacenter (Flickr)


A military career teaches you discipline and structure


If you’ve found that there isn’t much order in your life, and things always seem unsettled, a career in the army can change that. As an active serving member, you’ll learn about things like discipline and structure.


Again, they are life skills that you can apply to work outside of the military. As an aside, having army training means that you can find what you do in life more rewarding. That’s because you can prove to yourself that it’s possible to have a sense of purpose.


Army life on and off-base is fun


Of course, joining the army isn’t just all work and no play! There are many chances for women to enjoy themselves when they’ve got downtime. When you live in an army base, you can take advantage of the amenities that you’d also find when living as a civilian.


Some women decide to live off-base in places like Ultris Wynnfield Lakes. With places like that, it’s possible to live a civilian life when you’re deployed somewhere. That means you can experience the best of both worlds.


You get to travel the world


One can be forgiven for thinking that travel within the army only happens when you get deployed to conflict zones. As an army member, you’ll have the chance to travel the world, getting stationed at foreign bases, for example.


You might get sent on special assignments, or even to help set up new bases overseas in allied countries. So, when will you start your career in the army?