Become A Speech Therapist: Your Guide

Are you unsure about what career path to take? Have you ever considered working as a speech therapist? Working as a speech therapist is an exciting, enjoyable and rewarding job.

Speech therapists work with patients of all ages to diagnose and treat speech problems and impediments. Speech therapist work with people who suffer from stutters, lists and fluency problems. As well as working with people who have suffered strokes and other medical conditions.

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Does this interest you at all? Then have a read of this.

What are the job requirements for a speech therapist?

To become a speech therapist, you need to have a minimum education level of a master’s degree. However, this is not all that you need.

To be a successful and respected speech pathologist, you will need to be fully licensed and have a kind, caring and patient personality.

To become a successful speech therapist there are five steps you need to take:


Step 1 – Get a Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree is essential if you want to become a speech therapist. While there is no specific degree that is needed to become a speech therapist, withmydegree’s speech pathology degree would be an excellent place to start.

To become a speech therapist, a degree in speech pathology or social science would be most fitting.


Step 2 – Get a masters degree

To become a licensed speech therapist, a master’s degree is also required. A  degree in speech pathology is the best choice for an aspiring speech therapist.

A masters degree in speech pathology will prepare you for the licensing exams you will need to take to become a qualified speech therapist.


Step 3 – Intern


Interning is an excellent way to gain some speech therapy experience and improve your knowledge.

To find speech therapy internships in your local area, have a look online or make an appointment to speak to your college careers adviser. Your careers adviser should be able to give you some contacts and suggest some helpful sites to look at.

To get as much out of your internship as possible, opt for a three or six-month internship. Choosing a longer internship will not only give you a better idea of what the daily life of a speech therapist consists of, but it will also allow you to watch how patients progress.


Step 4 – Get a mentor

Finding a mentor is an excellent way to improve your knowledge of the industry. When choosing a mentor, opt for someone who you can easily relate to, is successful and a good role model.

To find a suitable mentor, have a look online or make an appointment at your local careers centre or on-campus centre.


Step 5 – Get a license

You cannot work as a speech therapist without a license, so it is vital that you get your license as soon as possible.

The speech therapy licensing laws differ in different places, so it is important that you know what the rules and requirements are in your area. To find out what you will need to do to earn a speech therapy license, speak to your college advisor or mentor.