140914 – Should You Consider A Private College Consultant For Your Child?

The Ivy League is an athletic conference that comprises of eight private institutions. They are in the northeastern part of the United States. They also represent the most sought-after private institutions in America.


They set the bar for educational prestige. And they are among the highest-ranked institutions in the world.

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Which institutions comprise the Ivy League?


The schools in question are:


  • Brown University;
  • Columbia University;
  • Cornell University;
  • Dartmouth College;
  • Harvard University;
  • Princeton University;
  • University of Pennsylvania;
  • Yale University.


In those institutions, undergraduate enrolment ranges from 4,000 students to around 14,000. Those enrolment figures are higher than private liberal art college enrolments.


The highest amount of foreign student enrolments is at Harvard and Columbia. But international students usually enrol at all eight institutions each academic year.


Should you consider hiring a private college counselor?


There is one reason people hire private college counselors. It’s so they can get “counseled” through the college admission process.


Counselors are usually former admissions officers from the Ivy League institutions. In fact, some counselors still work as admissions officers!


These experienced individuals charge five to six figure sums for their work. That’s because what they do is quite specialized.


Some students might turn to the Internet for help on the admissions process. But those that want to have the best chance do so with the help of a private consultant. Here’s why:


They use their connections


One fact of life is that, for the most part, knowing the right people can make things happen. Some people believe that they can get into one of the top eight private institutions through merit alone.


Private college consultants have connections within the institutions that you want to get into. They can use those past and present relationships to determine what criteria you must meet.


Don’t worry; there is no bribery or anything unethical involved here. They just use their connections to learn how best to help you get into the best college for you.


They are better than high school counselors


Let’s face it; if you want an Ivy League college education, you need to prepare yourself to be the best. Most students start with their high school counselors.


The trouble is, a lot of high school counselors are lousy at what they do! Sure, you might find that some high schools have good counselors. But what if yours doesn’t?


In those cases, using a private college consultant will give you the best start for your college education. These consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience. And, as mentioned, connections within existing private institutions!


Best investment


If you are going to an Ivy League college, you need to have the capital to do so. But what happens if you are a gifted and talented student, but can’t afford to pay admission fees?


Private college consultants can help you get in, thanks to financial aids such as college grants. At the end of the day, Ivy League colleges wanted gifted students – even if they come from low-income families.


Have you used a private college counselor? What are your thoughts on them?


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