Why eTextbooks Satisfy Today’s Need for Speed

The shift from traditional textbooks to ebooks or eTextbooks has been steadily picking up speed.

For several reasons, college students are lightening their load and choosing electronic textbooks for their college courses. In addition to the clear price advantages of electronic textbooks, they offer students several time-saving advantages, as well. The following information highlights a few ways that electronic textbooks satisfy today’s need for speed.

No Bookstore Craze
In addition to driving to the bookstore and finding a parking spot during its busiest time, you must wait in the long, long lines to check out. However, college students have found eTextbooks to be the fastest and most efficient way of getting their text books. The process of getting electronic textbooks is significantly easier and much faster than any other method.

  • To begin, you search for the required course material in the “Search” section or “Advanced Search” section.
  • Once you find the appropriate course material, simply check out.
  • To use the electronic textbooks that you have checked out, you can access them through your “My Bookshelf” and start reading.

Why Wait? 
Far too often, the bookstore craze results in you discovering that your book is out of stock, which means you’ll be forced to wait weeks for it to be delivered. With electronic textbooks, you will never have to wait for the book to be shipped to you because your required text is always available. This means you will increase the speed that you can start studying without having to share a book with another student.

Every student has been in a situation where they wished they had access to their textbook to study. Instead, you were forced to sit and twiddle your thumbs while you wasted precious time because you forgot to bring the textbook with you. Electronic textbooks are practically always with you through your smartphone or other electronic device. This type of accessibility will allow you to study your textbook at a much faster rate.

Faster Indexability 
How fast you access the information in your textbook has always been an important factor. If you are looking for a specific word with traditional textbooks, you must turn to the index, find the keyword, and then find the correlated pages. Electronic textbooks allow you to quickly index information by searching for specific keywords. You can even change books within seconds. The speed that you can access information in electronic textbooks appropriately meets the new fascination for speed.

Some people are slow readers or have impaired vision. Either of these conditions greatly can greatly slow down the pace of reading the information in a traditional textbook. Electronic textbooks contain the text-to-speech option, which offers you the chance to have the information read to you at a much faster pace than you could read it. Electronic readers will greatly decrease the time you spend studying, which will allow you to spend more time doing other things.

Move Faster
Electronic textbooks will allow you to get across campus at a much faster pace than you could with a loaded backpack. According to Consumer Reports, students can suffer from lower back pain due to the weight of textbooks. You will quicken your step and reduce that possibility with the lightweight nature of eTextbooks.

Speed of Motion
In addition to all of the speedy benefits of eTextbooks, some publishers are even beginning to place videos in the electronic text. Hybrid text and video books, or Vbooks, are finding several applications in electronic textbooks, especially with explanatory how-to videos.

After the text explains the procedure, the included how-to video gives a visual example to supplement the information, which greatly increases the speed you are able to process the information. Some electronic books are even featuring short videos that work to advance storylines or even supplement information.


Author: Joe Whyte