What to Expect From a Criminal Justice Online Education

Many people are drawn to the criminal justice field for the opportunity to have a meaningful career, and provide much needed assistance to their community.

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As the popularity in online education has increased over the years, more and more people are looking to that option to obtain an online associate degree in criminal justice. Online education is a great option for students with a busy schedule, students with kids at home, and students looking to obtain a degree for career advancement while already working full-time.

Ahead are facts about what to expect with online education in general, and getting an online associate degree in criminal justice specifically, to help you decide if online training is the right course of action for you.

Traits Required for Successful Online Learning
Students who would like to pursue an online degree need strong self-discipline, work habits, and organizational skills. Without a professor and a classroom, some students struggle to stay on track with online work. Others, however, thrive with the freedom and schedule flexibility. If you are serious about your desire to earn a degree, the work habits and self-discipline should fall into place naturally.

Advantages of an Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Program
Typically, online programs offer classes starting throughout the year, so there are no long waits to get started after you register. By studying criminal justice online, you can avoid some of the significant extra costs that come with in-school learning, like commuting and housing.

With online education in criminal justice, you can pretty much study and work at your own pace, at whatever time of day is convenient for you, as long as you get the work done on time. Even for students with less developed time-management and organizational skills, persevering in online education will build those skills up considerably.

Studying online leaves plenty of time for work, family, and everything else in your busy schedule, without compromising your chances for career advancement.

Classes to Expect in an Online Criminal Justice Program
If you haven’t already taken basic college courses, most programs will require you to take a few prerequisites like composition, along with math and science classes. These will help prepare you for college learning, and develop useful skills for more challenging classes later.

Most criminal justice students will take a basic combination of criminal justice courses which all majors in the subject take, along with a series of electives based on their chosen specialization. The core classes include the history of law, how the court system works, ethics, police operations, courses related to the rights of prisoners and victims, ethics, security and investigation.

Some of the specializations available include corrections, forensics, crime scene investigation, white collar crime investigation, law enforcement operations and investigation, and homeland security. There are many more specializations available, depending on personal choice, and how far you plan to go with your education.

Typically, an online associate degree in criminal justice takes about two years to obtain. This can vary based on your schedule, how much of a course load you choose to take on each semester and if you choose to pursue summer classes.


Author: Joe Whyte